YouTube Experimenting With The Thumbnails – Latest News

YouTube Thumbnail on a video on YouTube was one of the major factor for which the viewer clicks on a video and watches it. Till now, YouTube creators were making great attractive thumbnails for getting more views and traffic on their videos.

youtube thumbnail

But now the time has changed, YouTube is now experimenting with the thumbnails. They are experimenting with the auto-generated thumbnails as per YouTube latest update 2 days before. Now YouTube creators are not permitted to add their custom made video thumbnail to their video.

This latest news update was a breathtaking news for the YouTube creators. Their major traffic source for their videos were from the attractive and cool looking thumbnails which now they cannot add to their upcoming videos and unfortunately they have to add the auto-generated video thumbnail from the YouTube.

The Impact – YouTube Thumbnail Update

Many creators are feeling low because of this update as YouTube is one of the largest platform for marketing and people market their their services, products or other things by adding the custom thumbnail to the video which attracts new viewers and customers.

For now, its just the update from the Google headquarters which was released on June 27th in YouTube Official Forums. Very soon, after experimenting some things, this update will be implemented across YouTube throughout the world. Currently they are just improving and experimenting the auto-generated thumbnails and there is no further announcement that they will keep the add custom thumbnail feature or not.

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This test is for the people that uses the auto-generated thumbnails for their videos and not the custom thumbnails. Only 0.3% of the people will see the affect of this test across the world and the rest 99.7% of the people will see the custom thumbnails.

YouTube is the largest platform for marketing for many people and a real source of income for some. These minor or major updates to the platform may impact people very seriously.

So that’s all for the latest new YouTube Thumbnail update.

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