How To Start an Online eCommerce Business – Updated 2018

eCommerce businesses are very popular nowadays. Everything is getting online, so people are making their traditional businesses online to compete with the world. Its not all just about the traditional businesses. Anyone of any age can start an online eCommerce business. These businesses are very easy to start. Some of the online eCommerce businesses require some capital to start and some are just free to start, literally almost free.

online ecommerce business

There are various online eCommerce business platforms which can be used to setup and start your business. Some of the most famous platforms are Shopify and WooCommerce.

Shopify is a Canadian based online eCommerce business platform which offers tons of features and benefits for setting up your own online store. It is beginner friendly and very easy to setup. We’ll be covering whole separate articles related to Shopify and other platforms. So make sure to subscribe and stay updated.

WooCommerce is another platform where you can sell stuff online. It is owned by WordPress itself. You just need to setup the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress Site and you are all set to go.

Domain Name

This is the number one step when you wanna start your online business. Getting your own domain name makes your business more professional and more trustful and people will more easily and comfortably buy things from your website. If you have a custom domain name which is unique to you and others, people are more likely to remember your business name and they will surely come back to buy from your site again.

Getting a domain name is easy and affordable. You just need to purchase a domain name and a hosting package with it to setup your website.

You can get your domain name from Godaddy Click Here. It is the number one distributer in the world to provide domain names and hosting packages with a very competitive price and they provide 24/7 customer service to give best experience for the customers. domain is also registered with Godaddy.

online ecommerce business

So be comfortable to get yours today.


Getting stock for your online business to sell is another concern for many people. As discussed earlier, some online eCommerce business needs capital to start and some are literally free to start. For the free ones, you just need to get your own domain and a hosting package for your website. That’s all you need, if you wanna start your free online eCommerce business.

There are mainly two types of eCommerce businesses: Pre-Stocked Business and Dropshipping Business.

So lets talk about the pre-stocked business first. These are the type of businesses in which you have to arrange the stock/products which you wanna sell before you want to sell them online. Just like you have to spend some money to buy the products from a wholesaler and then listing them on your online store and selling them for higher prices. Its similar to the traditional retail business, the only difference is, its online. You can reach more people than you can with your traditional business and hence can make more profits.

The other one that is dropshipping is the business in which you do not need any products before you wanna start selling. Its just like, there is a wholesale dealer sitting online and when someone buys from your site, you just place order for that customer with his/her details and the wholesaler will itself ship that product to the customer. This is known as dropshipping.

online ecommerce business

The above picture shows that, how you make $50 profit straight from the order with dropshipping. This is how dropshipping works. We’ll be covering several separate articles and related content with dropshipping. So make sure you get updated.


Every business needs popularity to grow. Your business too. Marketing of any type is important to scale a business to a certain level.

Marketing can be affiliate marketing, Email marketing or Social Media marketing. You can start an affiliate program for your online business. Its like if someone joins your affiliate program, that person will promote your products by any means and if you get a sale because of that person, the person will get a commission from you. By this commission method, you could earn more because higher the number of people will promote your business, the more will your business get popularity and hence more sales.

Next is the email marketing, this depends on your list of your email. You could collect emails by having a blog or a website. Create content, give value and get results. Email marketing is harder than others but its a lot more effective and long term.

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Next comes the social media marketing. Its simple. Just promote your products on the social media. Nowadays its really very beneficial to promote on social media. Everyone uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all that platforms for their entertainment and they will probably never stop using them. So take benefit of this and start promoting on social media and get famous quickly.

So this was a little intro about Online eCommerce Business.

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