How To Start a Blog – Updated 2018

The number one step in order to start a blog is to have your own domain name. A domain name is the name of your website followed by some URL extension. For example, . Earlier most of the people do not realize to have their own domain while making their blog or any other website.

They use the free domains that looks unprofessional and people do not trust on these types of websites very often. For example, . This is the free domain which is powered by . Instead of using this type of domains, its better to have your own domain name which looks professional, trustful and easy to remember by the viewers.

You can get your own domain name from Godaddy.comĀ . Click Here

start a blog offers variety of offers and deals as compared to other domain and hosting companies out there which makes it easy for everyone to afford a website and a hosting package to run a website.

After you have your own domain and hosting to set up your blog, then the next step is to install WordPress on for your website.

Install WordPress

WordPress is the best platform if you want to start a blog. It offers tons of free themes and plugins to make your blog look professional and more valuable. Moreover WordPress is free to install. That means you just need to pay a very little amount for your domain which you pay yearly and a small amount for your hosting to set up your blog which you pay monthly and rest everything is free and easy to use. Thanks to WordPress.

Now, if in case you do not want to get your own domain and hosting and just wanted to start a blog or website totally free with no hidden costs, then you can go for . This platform is made by the tech giant Google. It is completely free. Just sign up on and get started with your blog. Simple and easy. It also offers various themes and customization options to enhance your blog/website. Also, if you are using this platform or want to use it for some time while you make plan or think of buying your own domain and hosting for a professional and more profitable experience. Its also easy.

You can easily transfer your current blog to WordPress without any problem. Cheers!

Now Choose or select your niche for your website. On which topic or niche your blog is based on. On which things you will provide information or write about for your audience. This is the next major step in starting your own blog.

Select Your Niche

There are tons and tons and tons of niches and topics on which you can write about. Find out what passion you have. Find out for what things and tasks you are passionate about. Which things you love the most. On which things you can write easily and have proper knowledge and interest. This will help you to select the proper niche for your blog. You can basically write on anything. Some people love cooking, so they may start their cooking blog. Write about dishes. Write about different recipes, ways to cook things and whatever.

There is no such profitable blog niche around there in the market to start a blog. Just write for what you are passionate about. Provide proper knowledge and information to your audience and that’s it. Your blog will automatically become profitable. Just provide value to your audience and write with proper dignity and accuracy and the most important thing, write your own content. Be original.

Moving forward, after you have done everything and decided your niche for your blog, its time to customize it and make it look appropriate for your type of audience.


Customizing a blog is really easy and is very important. This part of blog making will be very effective for you if done properly. Customizing a blog will attract more viewers and make it easy for them to navigate on your website and they will hopefully stay for longer time on your website. So it can be really profitable to customize your blog properly.

You just need to get the right theme as per your niche, some suitable and needful plugins, some widgets and some important pages on your blog. We will be covering a whole separate article on customization of a blog/website in the near future. So stay tuned.

Now select a suitable theme for your blog or website from the WordPress collection of themes which are totally free to use and easy to customize. also offer various free themes to use.

Download some essential plugins for your blog such as Contact Form. This plugin is very useful in creating forms for your users and viewers in order to contact you. You can also customize individual plugins according to your own needs.

Place widgets on your site. Widgets are really helpful to make navigation on your website easy and clear. For example, recent or related articles widget. This widget is beneficial for both viewers and for you as well. It will be easy for someone to navigate to different articles or topics he/she is searching for and for you it will be profitable as viewers will stay for longer time on your website.

Now, pages are also very important in order to look professional and to make things easy for your audience. You should consider adding pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy policy and so on. These all pages make your blog more professional and easy to trust.

Now after some customization, you might be thinking of making some money from your blog. So let’s get into it.


Money making is also another reason why people wants to start a blog. Well, its the truth.

You can monetize your blog in various ways. We will be covering a whole separate articles in the near future for monetizing your blog/website in the most profitable ways.

For now, you could consider affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money from your blog. Then next comes up the advertising revenue.

You can place ads on your website and can earn a decent amount of money from it.

Just remember, the higher the number of traffic on your website, higher is your income. So you have to provide value to your customers so that they come again and again on your website.

So this is all in the beginners journey to start a blog. In the last few lines,

You have to be consistent with your content. This is the hidden key step to grow a following. Publish best quality articles as much as you can regularly. Just make your own schedule. You can write one article daily or 3 articles per week or even 1 article per week. Its all up to you. More you provide best quality articles, the more you get famous and hence earn more. Its all on you, how you manage your blog.

Stay tuned for more.




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