What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO – Updated 2018

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO – Updated 2018

search engine optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important topic and the most important part of the online industry. The websites you see when you search anything on any search engine like Google, the results that came at first place, its not magic. Its SEO.

They have optimized their site according to the search engine and in return the search engine shows their website at the top position. Better the SEO of your website or online business, higher you will be placed at the search results and higher your position at the search results, then higher is your growth of your business and hence more money and more popularity.

search engine optimization

Factors affecting Search Engine Optimization

There are a lot bunch of factors, which affect SEO. It is basically a combination of different tasks and things that we do in and to our website in order to make it better and more reliable for the viewers and also for the search engine to understand better.

There are many many factors which affect the Optimization of the website, here listed below are some of the most important factors which cannot be ignored at all if you really want your website to show up.

  • Speed of your website – Speed is the key factor for your website. Your website should open within seconds for your viewers. If your website is slow, no one will stay there to read your content or to know anything about your business.
  • Responsive – Your website should be completely responsive in terms of mobiles, tablets and computers.
  • Content – The content of your website should be really valuable and Informative with no grammatical or verbal mistakes.
  • Social Media – Link your website to your social media profiles. Add social sharing widgets or buttons.

These were some of the most useful factors that helps to grow your website.

Moreover Search Engine Optimization is not just doing these things once. You should be consistent in order to scale. If you are running a blog website, you should be producing content regularly and do optimization consistently. In this way your blog will grow eventually and you will be seen in the top results soon.

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Its not magic, but its a long term thing. If you have done SEO, that does’t means, your website will be on the top place after one hour, or after one day. No that’s not correct. It could also takes up-to one year in order to show your website on to the top position in the search results. But you have to be patient. You have to be consistent.

This is a short article just to provide you the basic information about the SEO and Optimizing your website for free or organic traffic.

We’ll be covering much more content regarding Search Engine Optimization and many more topics. So make sure to subscribe.

Stay Tuned!

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