Story Of WadhwaNotes

Earlier in 2017, when WadhwaNotes was launched , it was just a blog , just a platform where you could get some knowledge of businesses, online money making hacks, blogging, websites and many more things similar.

But everything changes with time, right?

So as WadhwaNotes.

Our founder, Japjeet Wadhwa devoted his time and effort into this online blog and now it has the dream of becoming world’s largest source of information and knowledge for almost every single thing in this world. 

WadhwaNotes is not limited to a single niche or based around just a couple of things. As its name, its universal, take notes for everything.


WadhwaNotes is a company, is a brand named after Japjeet Wadhwa. Wadhwa is an Indian caste group which usually have some Sikh or some Hindu people in it.

Japjeet is a Indian Sikh boy, born in Punjab, India with some high ambitions and dreams to become a successful man and do something for something, help other and live a decent life. After his high school in India, he went to Canada for his further studies. Currently in Canada.

You can know more about him on his social media or get connected with him personally. Check him out.



Now not only, its just a blog, WadhwaNotes started offering all kinds of IT related services like Graphic Designing, Website Designing, services related to Online Businesses, IT businesses and much more. 

WadhwaNotes has a professional team of experts who do all this work for you. 

You can simply contact us for any form of query regarding our services or blog. Feel Free to Ask.



You can also meet us if you want. Jus contact us first and stop by us with an appointment and we are always happy to help you and solve your problems or do your work.

You can call us or just stop by us to discuss which kind of professional service you want. We will help you. 



Stay tuned to WadhwaNotes for latest news, information or to gain some free knowledge. 

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